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Meet the Owner

Skip Manchester was a commercial fisherman from 1982 until 2004. He owned several lobster boats and fished for everything from crabs in the Gulf of Mexico to Cod and Halibut in the Gulf of Maine. In 1990 he settled into Lobstering and purchased his first Lobster boat. Skip lobster fished until 2004 when he decided to spend his time on land with his family and retired from the sea. He continued to own lobster boats and switched his efforts to selling his catch rather than catching it. Along the way, he teamed up with several other companies who could see that his relationships with the other fishermen was an edge that most buyers do not have

Liberty Lobster Company was formed in 2010 when Skip was Liberated from corporate America and set out to form his own company. Hence the name, “Liberty Lobster”.

Skip has a unique relationship with all the fishermen who sell to him because he fished alongside them all for so many years. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the product he deals with is unusual for someone in his position. His product is sought after by many wholesalers who ship to Europe and Asia because of his expertise in the Lobster field.

Being an old-school guy, Skip would like to give you the opportunity to taste the difference in lobster delivered to you directly from the boat rather than a lobster that may have been caught months prior to your delivery. Most other shippers do not unload the product themselves; they buy it from someone else who has it in stock. Lobsters will live in captivity for up to 6 months. In order for lobsters to be held for those long periods of time, the lobster must be treated with antibiotics to combat common infections obtained in captivity. This process is achieved through introducing antibiotics into the feed. Don’t let anyone fool you, this does happen regularly.

At Liberty Lobster, we would like to offer you, the customer, the opportunity to “Liberate Yourself” from not knowing what is in your food source. We offer our own version of “Free Range” and “Organic” product delivered directly from the fishing boat to your door.