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Live Lobsters

Need Live Lobsters Delivered Overnight? Enjoy the Freshest Seafood Harvested from Maine Waters – Boat To Table Fresh Seafood. Do you remember the last time you enjoyed fresh, succulent Maine lobster straight from the Atlantic Ocean?

If you’ve been traveling to the supermarket and buying precooked or frozen lobster; Liberty Lobster, located in New Bedford, MA, is the online fresh seafood market for you. We ship live lobsters, scallops, live crab and other fresh seafood directly to your door.

When you want to know where our seafood comes from, click on the “Today’s Catch Button” and see what is being unloaded fresh that day. When you see something, you like, you may place an order that same day and have it delivered overnight to your door. We purchase the freshest seafood from more than 30 boats in the port and surrounding ports. Because of our purchasing power, we are able to obtain a constant supply of live Offshore and Maine lobsters, live crabs and scallops.