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Seafood Sold Directly from The Atlantic

Liberty Lobster located in New Bedford, MA is your home for fresh seafood delivered directly from the boat. With our new website, you can now order fresh seafood online and have it shipped to your door. Buy lobster, scallops and other seafood items the same day it is harvested from the Atlantic from our New Bedford, MA Wharf 35 C location. At Liberty Lobster, we believe that the customer should experience the taste of Lobsters plucked right off of the ocean bottom and delivered directly to the consumer in order to experience the true succulent taste of North Atlantic Lobster. We do not pound our product which means that we do not buy thousands of pounds in advance and store them in large holding areas until we have a need for them. Lobsters which are held in those large storage areas are vulnerable to diseases. In order to eliminate the threat of disease and protect the investment, the lobster needs to be treated with antibiotics or other additives to minimize this threat. This is usually achieved through the food that is fed to them in captivity.

We are a Seafood Distributor located in New Bedford Massachusetts. New Bedford is the largest monetary grossing fishing port in the world. We currently purchase all the Lobsters off of 30+ boats in this port and the surrounding ports. We have one of the largest supplies of Lobster from off shore Lobster boats in the area. Our constant supply of Lobster and crabs from so many vessels ensures a steady supply of Shippable product 12 months a year. Click on the Today’s Catch link to see what we are unloading today. Watch it come off of the boat today and arrive at your door the next day.

So why don’t you Liberate yourself from harmful additives that are found in almost all of the foods we eat today, and try some fresh seafood delivered directly to your door from the Atlantic floor.

Need a large amount of seafood? Contact Liberty Lobster to ask about our wholesale seafood prices.