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New use for lobster shells

e85f9125-ad99-4252-996d-58d09f254f07_lAs you crack that shell and claw, the shells instantaneously are set aside to be disposed. Other than protecting the succulent meat inside, a Lobster shell hasn’t served much of a purpose…until maybe now. According to the Concord Monitor, a firm in Maine has been researching the use of a lobster’s shell. The company is called Lobster Tough and they are a new start up that has discovered that a substance, extracted from crushed Lobster shells, can be used in bandages to promote blood clotting. The substance is also a great in preventing bacterial infection. Pretty cool!

The product is currently being tested by a processor in Iceland who says the results are promising. Creating a medical use for lobster shells would boost the value of lobsters and the industry. To read more on the science and details, click here.