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Catching crab in the winter

6019046c-f463-4a4b-9453-9762318241c3The North Atlantic’s Jonah Crabs are in abundance this time of year. If you find yourself wondering why, a main reason contributing to the surplus of Sebastian’s friends from the Little Mermaid includes that they are specifically being targeted. This time of year, the Jonah crab’s shell tends to be harder thus making it a better catch. Shellfish go through seasons of shell shedding and regenerating. The harder shell crabs and lobsters are always more valued due to their meat being more delectable.

Crabs by nature are very aggressive and fall prey to the temptation of bait much quicker than Lobsters do. There is also specific bait used for crab catching, made of their favorite fish. When they see their favorite sushi roll at the buffet, they have no problem cutting their friends and foes to get to the front of the line. If you’re a crab lover, check out our page here to order some and have it shipped straight to your door.