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Monthly Archives: January 2016

New use for lobster shells

As you crack that shell and claw, the shells instantaneously are set aside to be disposed. Other than protecting the succulent meat inside, a Lobster shell hasn’t served much of a purpose…until maybe now. According to the Concord Monitor, a firm in Maine has been researching the use of a lobster’s shell. The company is […]


Catching crab in the winter

The North Atlantic’s Jonah Crabs are in abundance this time of year. If you find yourself wondering why, a main reason contributing to the surplus of Sebastian’s friends from the Little Mermaid includes that they are specifically being targeted. This time of year, the Jonah crab’s shell tends to be harder thus making it a […]


Lobster bisque recipe

Winter is coming, actually it’s here. The Game of Thrones reference just seemed appropriate with the impending storm Jonas looming his wicked face across the eastern seaboard. “Brace yourselves” Keeping warm is atop everyone’s list during these winter month’s here in New England and what better way than with a nice warm bisque. There really […]


Recipe for Avocado-Nectarine Salad with Lobster

Here’s to a new year. With the turn of the calendar comes the annual promise to eat healthier and lose weight. If you’re like most, by the end of January, you’ve cheated or completely fallen off the wagon. Eating smart doesn’t have to be gross or not pleasurable. If you can find ways to modify […]