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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Best lobster tails recipe – Grilled in 10 minutes

This recipe is a rare find because it is easy to prepare, simple to follow, and it produces a gloriously tasty result. The combination of paprika and butter work magically together to ensure that the cooked lobster meat is succulent and juicy, while the short cooking time eliminates the possibility of spongy, over-cooked meat. Even […]


Order live lobsters that come right off the boat

Watch as our Lobsters come off the boat, are loaded into our dockside facility, get packed on ice & then shipped out overnight the same day. Order Live Maine Lobsters Online. https://www.libertylobster.com/home Boats dock at our pier and load live lobsters right through the back door of our dockside facility here in New Bedford MA. […]


Happy National Seafood Month

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